Yeah, no. This is a fake. A quick search of Geoff’s name on the site pulls up nothing that actually involves him. And a search of “armed robbery” pulled up even less, at least in relation to these guys.

Don’t believe me? 

The time stamp on this says “6 hours ago,” so we can’t get a date from there, but the OP posted this on April eleventh. Assuming they got this screen-grab and posted it on the same day, this article would’ve been posted on the eleventh. But as a quick look at the website proves there is no story like this for that day.

Then, from what we can see of the article, it is said that this robbery happened on the 25th of March. All things considered, let’s say that meant that OP took the screen-grab some time on, let’s say, the 26th. That being said, this article would probably be archived somewhere and easily accessible through a simple site search.

Let’s search Geoff’s name first.

Huh, nothing there. At least nothing pertaining to this supposed robbery. 

Hmm, let’s try a search of "armed robbery."

Nothing there, either.

In conclusion, this is a lie, stop reblogging it. 

As for the OP, I’ll assume you were also a victim of misinformation here and I’ll ask that you make sure a story is true before you post it next time. Thank you.



Michael being concerned for Ryan (◡‿◡✿)

Rooster Teeth Meme: 1/4 Quotes

We were standing at the top of the stairs. I don’t know why he decided to say this, but he did. But he called me something. I don’t know what it was and at that point I was like “Well, ENJOY DEATH.” And I just shoved him down the stairs and he fell all the way down. He starts crying. I can hear my parents dropping things in the kitchen and coming. And I’m like “oh no, I’m going to get in trouble for pushing my brother down the stairs. However, I won’t get in trouble if we’re both injured.” So I threw myself down the stairs and pretended to be really hurt. (x)



this lp is severely making up for the cloudberry one 

im trying to do a roosterteeth alphabet but im stuck on these letters (if u can help me pls!!!!)

help pls???